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Developing statistical tools for energy management services

Research leading to novel statistical tools developed by the Mathematical Sciences Research Group in collaboration with industry have generated significant economic and environmental impacts for UK companies, through energy cost savings and reduction in carbon emissions.

The research began with a collaboration with South Wales utility SWALEC to improve their understanding of industrial electricity demand as part of a PhD programme. 

Modelling approaches were developed to analyse patterns of energy demand which then underpinned further collaboration with a spin-out company, RUMM Ltd who provided remote energy management services to medium sized businesses. 

RUMM supported businesses in the wake of deregulation of the energy supply infrastructure and the increased political drivers for carbon reduction. 

The USW research led to statistical analysis and control tools being developed which formed a central component of RUMM’s intellectual property and their competitive advantage. 

RUMM grew to an annual turnover of approximately £1.3 million and was then purchased by RWE npower Ltd, one of the “Big Six UK Energy Suppliers” in 2015. At the point of acquisition, RUMM had saved its customers £43 million in energy costs and reduced its client’s energy consumption by 600 million kWh and carbon emissions by almost 300,000 tonnes. 

RUMM’s techniques became part of npower’s Business Solutions suite and was expected to save clients £4 billion in fuel bills per year. RWE npower also became the first power utility to be awarded the Carbon Trust triple standard for significant reduction measures across energy, waste and water, and the acquisition of RUMM was cited as a key development leading to certification.

The research also contributed to economic regeneration in the deprived communities in the South Wales valleys through the training and upskilling of RUMM employees and the reinvestment of shareholder income into new start-up companies.

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