Congratulations Bianca!


We congratulate Bianca Loda who has successfully defended her thesis. The title of the thesis was "The height and the relational complexity of finite primitive permutation groups". Bianca's examiners have recommended that she be awarded a PhD, subject to some minor corrections.

Bianca's research is in group theory, which is the mathematical study of symmetry. The particular question that she has studied arose from some work of a famous model theorist, Gregory Cherlin. He wanted to know what finite primitive permutation groups exhibit "large relational complexity". Bianca was able to answer this question in a very strong way -- her main result comes close to classifying those primitive permutation groups on a set of size t that have relational complexity greater than 22log(t). This was a better answer than had originally been hoped for -- Cherlin's initial question only concerned groups with relational complexity greater than t^(1/2).

Bianca was supervised by Nick Gill, Pablo Spiga (University of Milano-Bicocca) and Paul Roach. Her examiners were Colva Roney-Dougal (St Andrews) and Dugald Macpherson (Leeds).