Grant awarded for research in mental health provision


The University of South Wales has been awarded £32,420 from The Health Foundation to investigate mental health services in the community.

Dr Penny Holborn (Principle Investigator) and Prof Paul Roach (Co-Investigator) will be working with the NHS delivery unit and Cardiff and Vale HB to examine and compare past, current and piloted community Mental Health working methodologies in order to determine whether recent changes made in one service has the potential to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of that service, and whether this can be applied in other areas of that board and potentially beyond.

The objectives consist of the following:-

a)           To analyse mental health referral, assessment and outcome data collected by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

b)          To use visualisation to highlight the variation (IN SERVICE?) that is experienced by patients.

c)           To use pathway-mining methodology to cluster like pathways together to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of processes and the effectiveness of service delivery.