Maths-Biology Research Day

Maths-Biology research day

On Friday 12th July, the Maths Research Group and the Biology Research Group held a joint research day. We spent the morning giving presentations about our research -- explaining our current projects, and describing the skills that we brought to the research process. Then in the afternoon we discussed possible directions for collaboration between the two groups.

There are already a significant number of members of the Maths RG who work in fields closely allied to biology. Having identified this, we wanted to see if any of our skills dovetail with research undertaken by people in biology... We'll see how things pan out, but early signs are good!

Topics discussed during the day included problems related to the genome of earth worms, modelling the spread of fungi; competition between different species of hare; the distribution of nesting sites of pied flycatchers in the Forest of Dean; the electrocution of monkeys in Costa rica; modelling the spread of avian flu in birds migrating up the East coast of the Americas; numerical and analytical solutions of partial differential equations; fossilized corals from Barry Island, and much more!