USW lecturer invited to talk in Canada

Nick Gill

Associate Professor Nick Gill was an invited speaker at a conference in Banff, Canada on "Groups and Geometries".  This conference occurs every 4 years and is part of the Banff International Research Station (BIRS) programme of focused invitation-only conferences on topics of significant current mathematical interest.

 Nick spoke on "The relational complexity of a finite primitive permutation group". you can watch his talk here. The abstract of the talk is the following:

"Motivated by questions in model theory, Greg Cherlin introduced the idea of “relational complexity”, a statistic connected to finite permutation groups. He also stated a conjecture classifying those permutation groups with minimal relational complexity. We report on recent progress towards a proof of this conjecture. We also make some remarks about permutation groups with large relational complexity, and we explain how this statistic relates to others in the literature, notably base-size.

This work is joint with Pablo Spiga, Martin Liebeck, Francesca Dalla Volta, Francis Hunt and Bianca Loda."