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Mathematical Sciences: Seminars

We run a fortnightly seminar series throughout the autumn and spring terms of the teaching year. Please contact Nick Gill ( if you wish to be added to the mailing list. Our past seminars are listed below.

Spring 2020

Fri 17th Jan      Matthew Lettington (Combinatorics)

Fri 31st Jan      Chris Wuthrich (Number theory)

Fri 14th Feb     Philip Trevelyan (PDEs)

Fri 6th Mar      Noemi Picco (Mathematical Biology)

Wed 25th Mar  Joe Bishop (OR - postponed)

Autumn 2019

Fri 27th Sep       Graeme Boswell (Mathematical physics)

Fri 11th Oct        Mohammed al Darwish (Machine learning)

Fri 25th Oct       Sam Hughes (Group theory)

Fri 8th Nov        Alessandro Rudi (Machine learning)

Fri 22nd Nov     Kimeu Arphaxad Ngwava (Group theory)

Fri 6th Dec        Nick Gill (Group theory)

Summer 2019

Wed 19th Jun                    Anna Skelt and Ed Incze (Pure maths/ Operational Research)

Fri 5th Jul                         Claire Davies (Astrophysics + Pride in STEM Day)

Fri 12th Jul                       Maths-Biology Research Day

Spring 2019

Fri 18th Jan                     Véronique Fisher (Lie groups)

Fri 1st Feb                        Noemi Picco (Math biology)

Fri 15th Feb                     Tim Burness (Algebra)

Fri 1st March                  Angélica Pachón (Probability)

Fri 15th March               Carlo Ciliberto (Machine learning)

Fri 29th March              Paul Truman (Pure maths)


Autumn 2018

Fri 28th September                Kirstin Strokorb (Probability/ Statistics)

Fri 12th October                      Lizzie Williams and Ben Carini (Operational Research)

Fri 26th October                     Thomas Woolley (Applied mathematics)

Fri 9th November                  Andrew Princep (Mathematical physics + Pride in STEM Day)

Fri 23rd November                Melina Freitag (Applied mathematics)

Fri 7th December                  Steffi Zegowitz (Pure mathematics)

Spring 2018

19th Jan                Jeff Giansiracusa

Fri 2nd Feb          James Shaw

Wed 14th Feb       Fredrick Nyamwala

Fri 9th Mar          Ieuan Griffiths and Eduard Incze

Wed 21st Mar      Vicki Brown

Autumn 2017

Fri 6th Oct           Fredrick Nyamwala

Wed 11th Oct       Bertie Muller

Fri 27th Oct        Jonathan Gillard

Wed 8th Nov       Grahame Erskine

Fri 17th Nov        Eugenio Gianelli

Wed 29th Nov     Nick Gill

Fri 8th Dec           Philip Trevelyan

Spring 2017

Fri 20th               Simon Peacock

Fri 3rd Feb          James Kent

Fri 17th Feb         Ian Short

Wed 8th Mar       Bianca Loda, Anna Skelt & Becky Peters

Fri 17th Mar         Bridget Webb

Wed 29th Mar     Graeme Boswell

Autumn 2016

Wed 5th Oct         Nick Gill

Fri 14th Oct          Zoe Ward

Wed 26th Oct       Roger Behrend

Fri 11th Nov         Jason Semeraro

Fri 9th Dec           Emily Walsh