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Ieuan Griffiths

I am a KESS PhD student here at the University of South Wales. I studied my undergraduate degree from  2014 - 2017. When leaving I always wanted to teach but still develop my own understanding and further push my boundaries, and so I decided to stay at USW for a PhD in Data Science.

A PhD in Data Science has helped me capture many aspects I appreciated and enjoyed during my degree. I was able to continue my love for computing and programming, whilst also developing my statistical and mathematical understanding of the algorithms used.

I currently apply this at TATA Steel in Port Talbot, where I conduct Predictive Maintenance. This is an important and still up and coming area of the industry that allows companies to minimise the number of maintenances based on real time information. This in turn improves yield, reduces downtime, and can stop any life-threatening events from happening.  In all this improves company profits and creates a safer workplace.

You can find me on twitter at @ieu_griffiths and at Linked-In.