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Jack Bishop

From 2016-2020 I was studying MMath Maths at Cardiff University. During this time, I had become very interested in machine learning and data science, particularly at the level of mathematical understanding. My final project was based on state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques: how they work and where they fail, in order to figure out how to improve them. I have an enthusiasm for understanding and so wanted to continue studying at the doctoral level where I would be on the cutting-edge of developments in the field.

I applied to a research programme at the University of South Wales which was funded by the KESS 2 program; a program which supports projects which belong to the Welsh Government’s four Grand Challenge Areas, in my case, ‘ICT & the Digital Economy’. Additionally, KESS 2 link companies and organisations with academic expertise to undertake innovative research that meets business needs. And so, I have had the opportunity to be teamed up with Talent Intuition who help businesses make better decisions – with people front of mind. 

My role is to develop predictive models to understand the talent pipeline in a human interpretable way. As such the types of methods I will be looking into is rule-based expert systems, knowledge graphs for enterprise, and possibly integrating the power of deep learning into interpretable models. Working with Talent Intuition is a great opportunity for me because I can both further my passion for learning as well as be introduced to the real-world industry of data science.


  • Title: Big Data Analytics for predicting talent trends and demand
  • Supervisors:  Dr Penny Holborn; Professor Andrew Ware
  • Partner: Talent Intuition
  • ESF-funded through the Knowledge Economy Skills Scholarships (KESS 2)