Joe Bishop

I have recently submitted my PhD thesis at Cardiff University, and in January I joined USW as research associate. My role is in collaboration with a Port Talbot based company called Aurora International Consulting with direction from Andrew Ware and Penny Holborn.

Risk assessments are carried out frequently in the construction sector. Each risk assessment and accompanying method statement involves a significant amount of work, and after they are completed, checks are required to ensure nothing has been overlooked. The use of artificial intelligence to complete these procedures would reduce time and costs, as well as improving accuracy.

The aim of the research project is to design intelligent software that will improve efficiency and safety. The software is a neural network which is trained in sector specific jargon. Inputted risk assessment forms are read by the software which then outputs key safety information about the form. This is then fed back into the model to improve accuracy. The aim is to commercialise the product so that it can be integrated into the procedures of multi-national companies.