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Moizzah Asif

I am currently pursuing a PhD at KMi, the Open University with Prof. Harith Alani and Dr. Miriam Fernandez and working as Data Science lecturer at the University of South Wales.

My research interests lie towards using machine learnings methods for Social Media Analytics. I am approaching my current research project by using Natural Language processing and supervised learning. At present I am exploring the usefulness of various classification approaches including deep learning over a range of textual feature space (lexical and semantic) for classifying micro-blogs’ textual data into labelled classes.

Besides, I am also working on a EPSRC and Facebook Inc. funded project, which aims to propose recommendations for a knowledge transfer framework on Emerging Extremist Subcultures on social media platforms (reddit, 8chan and etc).

Additionally, I am supporting the application of machine learning methods, especially deep learning on a PhD research project which aims to improve electric vehicles' battery health monitoring systems. 

Moizzah Asif