Paul Roach

I completed a PhD in computer science (Fourier Methods for Curve and Surface Smoothing in Computer Aided Design) at Cardiff University in 1990, where I remained until 1993 as a Research Fellow in the department of Computer Science. I then took a position as a Designer and Systems Administrator at Interface 4 Ltd, Cardiff, working on educational training programmes and consultancy for the International Labour Organization, before taking up my current post at the University in 1994. At the University of South Wales, I have worked with many industrial and other partners on externally funded projects totalling more than £1.5 million, including Fujitsu, TATA Steel, financial trading company OSTC Ltd., P&O Group (now part of Maersk Line), High Performance Computing Wales and the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff. I have been awarded grants from a number of funding bodies, including EPSRC, European Commission, Welsh Government and Nuffield Foundation.


At present, I am working on:

  • extending methods of analysis for System Dynamics models and ordinary differential equation models of systems with causal feedback;
  • applications of System Dynamics for social modelling;
  • models of price change in contemporary collectible markets.


I am currently the Head of Postgraduate Research Studies, running the University's Graduate School which was launched in December 2018. In my time at the University of South Wales, I have successfully supervised 10 research students to the award of PhD and 3 to MPhil, and currently supervise another 4 research students.


I am happy to supervise students in their Postgraduate Research studies (from MRes to PhD) in most areas of System Dynamics for population and social modelling, and in the production of decision support systems in industrial and business applications. Please contact me if you are interested.

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