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Dr Philip Trevelyan

I completed a BSc in Mathematics in 1996 from the University of Oxford, and submitted my PhD thesis in Applied Mathematics in 1999 from the University of Leeds, under the supervision of Prof. Derek Ingham and Dr. Lionel Elliott, on potential and turbulent fluid flows. In 1999 I started a three-year post-doc at Leeds jointly in the chemistry and chemical engineering department under the supervision of Prof. Stephen Scott and Dr. Serafim Kalliadasis, on thin liquid films. In 2002 I started another post-doc at Leeds in the chemical engineering department with Dr. Serafim Kalliadasis, on thin liquid films. In 2004 I moved to Imperial College London and began a post-doc in the chemical engineering department with Dr. Serafim Kalliadasis, on thin liquid films. In 2006 I moved to the Universite libre de Brussels and did a series of post-docs in the Physics, Chemistry and Theoretical Biology department, under the supervision of Prof. Anne De Wit, on generating fluid instabilities using chemical reactions. In 2010 I was appointed as a lecturer in mathematics at the University of South Wales.

My main research interests are chemical reactions and fluid instabilities.

 I am happy to supervise PhDs in most areas of partial differential equations, chemical reactions, or fluid instabilities - please contact me if you're interested.